5 children enjoy skipping against the backdrop of a sunset at a Child-Friendly Space (CFS) in Democratic Republic of the Congo
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Support children in Africa

We go where the need is greatest

World Vision has a long history working alongside communities in Africa. We respond rapidly to the biggest emergencies - from droughts to cyclones - and support communities to tackle big issues like inter-generational poverty and changing attitudes around child marriage.

We work in sixteen countries across Africa to protect children today, and empower them for tomorrow. Thanks to our supporters, we can go where the need is greatest, empowering communities to set their own goals and lead their own development so that progress made is sustained, and continued, long after we’ve left.

Where World Vision works in Africa

Support our work in Africa

You can help transform the lives of the most vulnerable children in Africa:

The war has caused immeasurable damage both physically and psychologically, but I work to help these girls and boys become children again.

Christine Ngbaazande

WV Social Reintegration Coordinator in South Sudan

Sponsor a child in Africa

Child Sponsorship is a unique relationship that brings real hope and a life-affirming experience. When you sponsor a child, you’ll help them move from surviving to thriving. We identify the child’s core needs and use your donation to provide these, keeping you updated on their progress all the way.

Protect children in the most dangerous places in Africa

World Vision has a presence in almost 100 countries so we can act quickly to help children. We help them to survive by providing essentials like food, water and shelter; to recover from trauma they experienced, and to rebuild their future. This lifesaving work is only possible because generous individuals support Childhood Rescue with regular donations, meaning we can support children when their need is greatest.

Responding to emergencies

World Vision in action

Your support and World Vision’s reach have been vital during the COVID-19 pandemic. With misinformation and fear rife, acting quickly and being trusted by communities has been essential for keeping people safe.

Our partnerships with faith and community leaders, and our practice of employing local staff, have been critical to this work. Our experience with Ebola and Zika viruses showed that when trusted leaders engage with their communities, real breakthroughs can be achieved in slowing the spread of disease. 

This trust is vital during a pandemic response. In Malawi, some communities still didn't believe that they could contract COVID-19. After awareness campaigns were conducted with faith leaders and local staff, these communities are now adopting preventive measures like putting on face masks and washing of hands.

More about our work

Thanks to the faithful support of people like you, our unique community-based model, refined and expanded over our 70-year history, can focus on key areas to ensure that all children, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender experience the fullness of life.

Our work is driven by a relentless desire to transform the lives of children so we partner with governments, peer organisations, institutional donors and businesses so together, we can have a greater impact in the lives of the families we serve. You can learn more about them and our work below.