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Protecting children

Every child deserves to live, grow and thrive. Yet, hundreds of millions of young girls and boys are being robbed of their childhoods, their futures and even their lives.

Each year, almost 1.7 billion children experience physical, sexual or emotional violence or neglect. 
(World Vision, 2017)

Nearly 12 million girls are forced into child marriage each year. 
(UNICEF, 2018)


Nearly 50 million children are displaced and on the move. 
(World Vision, 2018)

Around 152 million children are in child labour. 
(ILO, 2017)


Meet Marie


Marie, 14, needs protection. Living in a conflict zone, she looks after her siblings, fetches water and boils leaves to eat while her dad works long hours for little money.  Local armed groups offer children like Marie a meal a day - a promise of a future, but a reality of exploitation.


How we protect children

Protecting children is an essential part of everything we do.  And we focus on children who are the most vulnerable.
Children affected by extreme deprivation, abuse or exploitation, serious rights violations, those vulnerable to disaster, or living with a disability - two or more of these makes these children especially vulnerable.

...and across the world:

Lasting transformation

In 2016/2017 10.2 million children, in 62 countries benefited from our child protection work.

When childhood is protected, the future is transformed.

You can protect children today


Help save and protect children living in the world's most dangerous places. Protect them from exploitation today.

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End child marriage

Girls should be in school, not marriage. Yet every 60 seconds, 23 girls are forced to marry men, often double or even triple their age. 

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Pray for children

Lots of children around the world need protection and healing. Join us to lift vulnerable children in prayer.

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