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A girl stands with arms crossed and smiling in front of classmates

Help protect children

We protect girls and boys against child abuse, exploitation and violence

The need to keep children safe

As a child protection charity, we are dedicated to ending violence against children so they are protected today and empowered for tomorrow. We do this by equipping children, families, faith leaders, schools and various levels of government, with the tools to address the root causes of violence against children.

We speak out on issues like child marriage, child soldiers, child labour, violence and abuse by raising awareness, influencing laws and amplifying children's voices. With your support, we work in the most dangerous places, with communities and local and national government at all levels. Empowered communities are able to build a safety net of loving and caring people to protect children and young people, prevent harm, and ensure that those who are harmed receive the help they need to recover.

How we secure children's safety

We speak out on issues like child marriage, child labour, child soldiers and FGM.

47% of our work is in low income and conflict affected countries, where children are most in need of protection.

Protected today and empowered for tomorrow

You can support our child protection work in the world’s most dangerous places.

Send girls like Sumaiya to school, not down the aisle

You can help us to safeguard children against abuse, child sexual abuse, and neglect, reduce their risk of harm and support children to have a brighter future.

How we protect children

We believe a world without violence against children is possible

With your support, we can be powerful advocates for girls' and boys' welfare. Together, we can help children amplify and harness the power of their voices to hold authorities to account and campaign for change.

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