Child from Zimbabwe standing outside holding a goat and smiling to the camera

Must Have Charity Gifts

Give a life-changing gift

2020 has shown us how much relationships matter. Share love and kindness safely with those who are closest to us AND with families miles away. Send them a card filled with hope and love, whilst helping children and families in desperate need.

What are Must Have Gifts?

Our Must Have Gifts are life-changing charity gifts that you can buy for your family and friends to help those who need it. These gifts help vulnerable families, communities and children in the world’s toughest places, providing the essentials they need to survive and thrive. Choose charity gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions this year to provide the essentials needed to make life easier for vulnerable children around the world.

Your gift can help provide books that children desperately need for their education, mosquito nets so that they can sleep safely, and clean drinking water to prevent illnesses caused by drinking dirty water. With the help of charity gifts, you’ll give the gift of life-saving essentials and supplies.

How it works

It’s quick and easy to buy charity gifts:

  1. Visit our Must Have Gifts website to choose your charity gift from our large selection
  2. Pick a gift card to give to your family, friends, or loved ones to show them how their gift is making a difference
  3. Sit back! Your gift will bring a smile to your loved one, and vulnerable children and communities around the world.

Can’t think of a gift to buy your loved one? And don’t want to buy something they’ll never use? Imagine the good that that one gift can do to help a child that desperately needs it. Buy a charity gift today.

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