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Collection displaying gifts on offer, including a goat, a football and a chicken
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3-gift essentials bundle – providing health, nutrition and education

With our 3-gift charity gift bundle, you can transform the lives of vulnerable children. You’re providing a range of essentials to help families become self-sufficient with the opportunity for nutritious food, clean water and educational materials. There really is something for everyone in the family you’re helping.

What’s included:

  • Give a goat: Improving a family's diet and livelihood by offering them fresh milk and a source of income by selling surplus produce

  • Provide clean, safe water for a family:Your donation gift will include water purifying tablets and other essentials to help them maintain good health and hygiene.

  • Donate a mini library: Books help children unlock their imagination, giving them the chance to learn to read.

This gift bundle combines our top charity gifts to give vulnerable children safe water, nutrition and the chance to thrive and experience fullness of life.


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