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Collage displaying gifts on offer, including a goat, a football and a chicken
Gift of health and nutrition

4-gift bundle

With our 4-gift charity gift bundle, you can transform the lives of a whole family. Enriching diets, generating an income, providing educational books. This gift bundle offers hope to families, ensuring they’re empowered to become self-sufficient.

With the 4-gift charity gift bundle, you could:

  • Give a goat: Improving a family's diet and livelihood by offering them fresh milk and a source of income by selling surplus produce.

  • Give a chicken: Enriching children's diets and another family's prospects, helping them break the cycle of poverty by selling chicken eggs and offspring.

  • Give books for an after-school reading club: Inspiring children to dream bigger and reach their full potential.

  • Give a kitchen garden starter kit: Providing fresh produce to eat and sell, which helps a family access nutritious food and generate sustainable incomes

Charity gift bundles could make the perfect alternative presents. Great family gifts, they change lives for families far away - now and in the future.


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