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Girl holding goat and boy holding chicken
Gift of animals

2-gift animal bundle - improving diets and livelihoods

Choosing our 2-gift charity bundle means you’ll have double the impact. Animal charity gifts can bring long-lasting benefits to a family’s future, helping them access nutritious food and a sustainable income all year round.

What’s included in the 2-gift charity bundle:

  • Give a goat: By gifting a goat, you could improve a family's diet and livelihood. Goats will help families access fresh milk which they can consume and sell.

  • Give a chicken: Chickens are a brilliant gift to enrich children's diets with protein through their eggs. They also provide an opportunity for families to generate an income by breeding and selling chickens or their eggs.

This charity gift bundle could make the perfect alternative present for animal lovers whilst transforming the lives of vulnerable children across the globe.


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