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Gift of health and nutrition

Health bundle

This gift bundle combines the top charity gifts from our health-related range, ensuring children are protected today and empowered for tomorrow. You’ll be helping a child to live a healthy life so they can play and learn like every child deserves to.

The health bundle includes:

  • A treated mosquito net: Helping a family to protect their children from the deadly disease, malaria.
  • A girl's sanitary kit: Providing sanitary pads and other sanitary products so that every girl can live in dignity and not feel embarrassed by her menstrual cycle. 
  • Communal handwashing facilities: Keeping communities, families and children safe from the spread of infections.

Whether you’re choosing to send a charity from yourself or on behalf of someone else, A health charity gift bundle is an incredible way to care for vulnerable children living in the world’s hardest places.


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