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A girl washing her hands outside of a newly build toilet facility
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A terrific toilet

Sanitation is a huge - but unseen - problem for vulnerable children. By choosing this alternative gift of a shared toilet, you are providing a lifeline to those living in the hardest places. A clean toilet means that 15 people could benefit from the invaluable gift of privacy, dignity and hygiene.

According to the United Nations, 3.5 billion people lack access to safely managed sanitation facilities. Without this, children and their families are at a higher risk of contracting diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea.

For the person in your life who has everything, why not gift them the 'Terrific Toilet’ to show them you care. It’s a unique and alternative present that makes a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

For £206, you’re investing in a healthier future for children and their families. You won't find it in any other charity catalogues - and we can guarantee this will bring a smile to your loved ones!


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