Our vision is of a world in which every child has the chance to live life to the full; where they are loved, protected and cared for, and enjoy good health and an education. Where they can live free from fear.

For this to become a reality, we work alongside communities in close to 100 countries to bring about long-term change; we give children a voice in the places where decisions are made and we respond quickly to the emergencies that affect more than 250 million people around the world each year. As we do this, we focus on three key areas: child protection, child health and emergency response.

Child Health

Every day 19,000 children die. Most of them die needlessly from preventable diseases and malnourishment. We focus on putting an end to this by improving the health of children and families living in poverty.

Child Protection

We want children living in the world’s hardest places to be free from exploitation and abuse, to be flourishing in safe communities. Our child protection programmes are helping us to do just this.

Emergency Response

From devastating natural disasters to violent civil conflict, every year millions of children suffer in emergencies. When they happen, we are there, providing immediate relief to the most vulnerable children and communities.


Implementing change for good is at the heart of what we do. Because this change is brought about through the support of our donors, we are honest about our impact and fully accountable for our actions.


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Fragility & Resilience

Fragility & Resilience

Recognising that those living in fragile contexts face multiple risks and porolonged conditions of uncertainty, we work with communities to help them become more resilient to natural and man-made hazards.