Refugee girl in Afghanistan dries her hands on a pink towel being handed to her by an adult

Protect child refugees

Child refugees are more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Support them now.

Children’s lives can change in an instant in the wake of war, disasters and humanitarian emergencies. That's when they most need your help.

Emergencies can deprive children of their homes and security, leaving them open to abuse and extreme poverty. With your support, we can intervene rapidly when disaster strikes. You can protect and bring hope to vulnerable children and families, supporting displaced people and those seeking refuge. Together, we can help them survive, recover from trauma, and rebuild a future.

How you can support child refugees

Refugee children have escaped many hardships, but still face great dangers and distress. They urgently need your help. Your gift today could directly impact their lives today, and give them hope for the future.

Will you support child refugees?

Our heart is always for the world’s most vulnerable children and the communities where they live. Your donation today will help some of the poorest and most oppressed children and families across the world, wherever your help is most needed.

You can help re-write the futures of refugee children.

The refugee crisis is only growing

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