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Refugee boy in Ukraine cuddles his fluffy toy penguin

Protect child refugees

Child refugees are more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Over half of the world’s refugees are children. Families are forced to flee their homes to escape conflict, disasters and humanitarian emergencies in countries including Syria, South Sudan and Ukraine. That's when they most need your help.

Refugee children and young people are more vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and extreme poverty.

With your support, World Vision can intervene quickly when disaster strikes. You can protect and bring hope to vulnerable children and families, supporting displaced people and those seeking refuge.

How we're supporting child refugees

Refugees and displaced children all over the world have their lives changed in an instant when they’re forced to leave everything behind. They urgently need your help. Your gift could directly impact their lives today, providing lifesaving shelter, counselling, food, water, healthcare and child protection.

World Vision is a charity committed to helping child refugees to survive, recover from trauma, and rebuild a future.

Children are protected today and empowered for tomorrow

As a Christian charity, World Vision helps the most vulnerable children, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. With your help, we can do even more to support child refugees.

The refugee crisis is only growing

Stories about refugee children

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