Anna from Kenya smiles and holds up a photo of the sponsor she has chosen. There are rows of photos of other sponsors in the background behind her

Chosen Sponsorship at New Wine

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The power to choose in a child's hands

What does it look like when the Kingdom of God comes?

It’s happening in Pajule, Uganda, where Chosen Sponsorship is giving children the chance to choose you - individuals, couples, families and church groups at New Wine, as their sponsor.

Chosen Sponsorship gives children the power to take hold of their future, because when children get to choose, challenges are overcome, change is sustainable, and communities are transformed.

Journey with them and see how a community destroyed by war is being restored.

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What is Chosen?

Be part of something amazing. Let a child choose you as their sponsor at the Chosen Party on 6 August, where photos of people like you, who are at New Wine 2024 will be there. Will yours?

Chosen Sponsorship is a unique opportunity for a child to change their life - and yours.

Watch this video to discover what happens when a child, like Rachel, chooses you as their sponsor.

How does Chosen Sponsorship work?

Chosen sponsors photos

I choose you because...

Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, 4 more children benefit, too.

It feels quite special that she [Faith] chose us because she got to personalise her journey and decide it was us who could help her - Phoebe & Family

Children, like Daniel and Ngasike, are empowered

“I chose her because she is loving,” says Ngasike, two, Kenya.

“I like the way he is dressed,” explains Daniel, Ngasike’s twin brother.

Before Chosen Sponsorship and World Vision’s support, life was hard. Daniel and Ngasike’s family had 15 goats, but when Kenya’s prolonged drought came, all 15 died. “Sometimes we would sleep without food,” says their mother, Pauline.

World Vision provided cash transfers to help the family rebuild their livelihood. Daniel, Ngasike and their five siblings were both invited to take part in a Chosen Sponsorship event, where they were empowered to choose their sponsors. Now they’re taking control of their future and creating change in their own lives.

Family from Kenya in their home, six of their children are holding pictures of their Chosen Sponsors
Pauline and Simon with their children Loibach, five, John, three, Akiru, eight, Enok, 10, twins Daniel and Ngasike, two, and baby Simon, one.

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Why World Vision

Chosen Sponsorship FAQs

  • A choosing event is an empowering experience where children come together in their community, and for the first time, get to choose a sponsor. Photos that sponsors have submitted are displayed and they are invited to choose their sponsor from the selection of photos. After choosing, they write a letter to their sponsor letting them know why they chose them.

  • Your money does not go directly to your sponsored child, or their family, but enables World Vision to work with their entire community, as well as other sponsorship communities around the world, to have an even bigger impact and make long-term sustainable change for everyone.

    As a member of their community, your sponsored child receives the benefits of this incredible change and their own lives are transformed. You can still however send your child letters, photos and gifts.

  • If you don't want to wait for our next Chosen™ event before sponsoring a child, you can choose a child to sponsor immediately. There are children around the world waiting to be chosen by you. Choose a child to sponsor to start your sponsorship journey today.

    Sponsor a child today.

  • In most cases, it will be throughout their childhood and into their teens. Most children will be in the sponsorship programme until their community has begun to reach most of its goals, and is ready to support itself. As the project comes to a close, we will let you know of the achievements in the community so you can celebrate with us.


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