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Somali mother holding her child while sat in front of a makeshift tent in an internally displaced persons camp

Disaster and emergency response

Responding to emergencies and disasters in the most dangerous places

Emergency relief for children

Children’s lives can change in an instant in the wake of war, disasters and humanitarian emergencies. We see how vulnerable they are and how much they need our protection. And the need is only growing. Today, there are more than double the number of emergencies than there were ten years ago. Climate change is unleashing natural disasters faster, for longer and with longer-lasting consequences for children and their families. The needs are greater, and so the response must be too.

With over 70 years of experience working in this area, World Vision has the learning, infrastructure and global network to help millions of vulnerable children in the world’s most dangerous places - especially in times of unexpected crisis. Thanks to you, when disaster strikes, our response teams are there, quickly supporting people – and we stay to help rebuild lives for children, families, and communities.

Within 72 hours of a disaster, we can deliver lifesaving supplies anywhere in the world - often even sooner. 

Children need your help

Around the world, children are suffering due to events they did not bring about. You can support them through some of the latest emergencies World Vision is responding to.

Thanks to supporters, last year, we reached over 36 million people - more than half were children – in response to 78 humanitarian emergencies

How we respond

We support communities to survive, recover, and rebuild for a better future. 

Help children and families survive and rebuild their lives after an emergency

This lifesaving work is made possible because generous individuals give to our emergency fund and crisis appeals, ensuring we can respond immediately to disasters and help save more children.

Partnering in emergencies

We collaborate with the United Nations, other international and local aid agencies, as well as with national and local governments. This helps avoid duplication, maximises efficiencies, and ensures areas of need are properly met and there are no gaps in the overall humanitarian response. Learn more about our partners.

More about our work

Learn about the difference our disaster relief work makes to the local community during an emergency, how we work with international, national and local partners, and how you can raise funds to support our work.