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Staff members in masks and gloves carry boxes to distribute mini food kits

Where we work

We work in nearly 100 countries to transform lives in the most dangerous places

We go where the need is greatest

For 30 years, the number of people living in extreme poverty dramatically reduced. But crises like Covid, conflict and climate change, have reversed the steady reduction of global poverty. It is estimated that the pandemic pushed 70 million people into poverty; in places where children suffer the most and not all organisations can reach. But World Vision can.

Backed by people like you, the places we work can include some of the most fragile and remote places on earth, reaching the most vulnerable and marginalised children and their communities. Children are born to thrive and enjoy life in all its fullness – and we will not stop until every child can reach their dreams.

Through World Vision’s work, every 60 seconds … a family gets water … a hungry child is fed … a family receives the tools to overcome poverty.

Where does World Vision operate?

Learn about World Vision's work across five continents, the different challenges we’re supporting communities to address, and how you can help transform children's lives.

How we help communities

We care for every child. In particular, we’re focused on helping the most vulnerable; including those living in the world’s hardest places and most at risk of poverty, exploitation and abuse.

Your support transforms lives

Thanks to donors’ kindness, in 2022 World Vision UK supported over 3 million people, including over 1.3 million children, by tackling the root causes of poverty.

What your support does:

How you can transform lives

Child Sponsorship

Together, we can protect the most vulnerable children around the world. Child Sponsorship operates in 19 countries, across four continents. Join us in sponsoring a child today and transform a life forever.

Jerome Flynn
Having that personal connection to a child and her community...It gives you back so much more than the amount it costs each month.

Jerome Flynn

Actor and World Vision Supporter

Children in danger right now

Some countries are considered too fragile for an ongoing child sponsorship programme. Children in these places urgently need our help - and we are driven to go where the need is greatest. Join us in helping vulnerable children by donating regularly - starting from just £5/month. We will ensure it goes to those that need it the most.

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