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Albanian girl and her support teacher play with the new equipment provided for the Development Space to help children, especially those with disabilities, reach their full potential.
Where we work

Support children in Eastern Europe

We help those most in need

Our work in Europe focuses primarily on child protection and family income. Issues such as child marriage and domestic violence are leading causes for concern as are the high poverty levels that can hinder children’s education and life prospects.

We work in Albania to improve the lives of vulnerable children living below the poverty line. We empower children to know their rights, ensure their access to a proper education, and support families to lead their own development and build reliable incomes so that progress made is sustained, and continued, long after we’ve left.

Where World Vision works in Eastern Europe

N.B. Looking to support our work in Armenia? Good news! Having worked in in Armenia since the devastating earthquake in 1988, we're overjoyed to announce that our Armenia office is able to fund itself through local fundraising and grants, meaning 2020 was the last year UK supporters provided funding for our activities here. We give thanks for the transformation UK supporters have made to the lives of children in Armenia.

Support our work in Eastern Europe

You can help transform the lives of the most vulnerable children in Europe:

Now we can develop a more qualitative lesson using modern technology. I am very happy we made it happen.


Worked with WV to improve her school building

Sponsor a child in Albania

Child Sponsorship is a unique relationship that brings real hope and a life-affirming experience. When you sponsor a child, you’ll help them move from surviving to thriving. We identify the child’s core needs and use your donation to provide these, keeping you updated on their progress all the way.

Support children in Eastern Europe through hardship

World Vision has a presence in almost 100 countries so we can act quickly to help children. When disasters like Covid strike, we are on hand to help families. This lifesaving work is only possible because generous individuals who support World Vision with regular donations, so we can support children when their need is greatest.

Teenage girl from Albania waters a hazelnut plant provided by World Vision to help her family during COVID-19
15 year-old Artenisa from Albania waters a hazelnut seedling provided by World Vision to help her family during COVID-19

Your support for World Vision has been vital during the Covid pandemic. When the virus hit, we worked with local authorities to identify families who would be hardest hit by isolation regulations and supported them with 4,600 hazelnut seedlings.

We were able to support these families with sustainable economic opportunities to help them overcome the difficulties of the situation. Thanks to World Vision supporters and our ties in the local area, even in the most difficult of circumstances we were able to act quickly to support families like that of 15-year-old Artenisa, who said, “We take care of the seedlings, you give us hope”.

More about our work

Thanks to the faithful support of people like you, our unique community-based model, refined and expanded over our 70-year history, can focus on key areas to ensure that all children, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender experience the fullness of life.

Our work is driven by a relentless desire to transform the lives of children so we partner with governments, peer organisations, institutional donors and businesses so together, we can have a greater impact in the lives of the families we serve. You can learn more about them and our work below.