A girl from Chennai, India, with a mask covering her face, looks to the camera.

Covid Appeal

Please help protect children and limit the spread.

Covid is still impacting the world’s most vulnerable.

Whilst the impact of Covid is subsiding in certain areas, children in the world’s poorest communities are still experiencing overwhelming challenges. 
Covid continues to affect children around the world with devastating consequences. Children and families living in fragile states have little access to medical care or clean water, making them much more susceptible to new, more contagious variants of the virus.

You can help children most in need overcome this destructive virus.

What you could provide

How you can help fight Covid

In many countries the economic effects of the pandemic could be even more deadly than the virus itself as millions of people are pushed towards famine due to falling incomes and rising food prices. Hunger can be particularly devastating for children, leading to malnutrition which in the worst cases can be fatal.  

Your donation today will make a difference, allowing us to keep on fighting Covid. Right now, we are in communities, working to limit the spread of disease and to strengthen health systems and feed hungry families.

To reach the hands of every child,
we need your support.

Fatima, mum to Rahaf, 10
You can hear the explosion and run away from a bomb. This virus is unseen and unheard, it is like an invisible weapon.

Fatima, mum to Rahaf, 10

Protect children from Covid

Can you help us take care of children's health and wellbeing by funding to support our Covid pandemic response?

How we protect families

Why World Vision

Our reach, experience and local ties mean we are well placed to support people impacted by the Covid crisis. You can read more about our worldwide Covid response here.

World Vision is reaching one new person with clean water every 10 seconds and reaches three more schools every day with clean water. 

Covid FAQs

  • We are responding in over 70 countries, aiming to reach 72 million people through a $350 million response, with a special focus where people are most vulnerable. 

    World Vision is focusing on countries that have significant pockets of fragility and poverty. These include urban slums, densely populated informal settlements, refugee and internally displaced people camps where lockdowns and social distancing are impossible.

  • Since we launched our response, we have reached over 81 million people, including 35 million children:

    Preventing the spread: Promoting preventive behaviours in communities through social media, text messaging, radio, and other traditional channels. Distributing handwashing supplies, hygiene and cleaning kits, such as soap and clean water.

    Strengthening health systems: Including providing health systems and workers with personal protective equipment such as soap, masks, latex gloves, training and equipping some of the global network of community health workers.

    Supporting children impacted by Covid, through education, child protection and food security: Including cash and voucher distribution; food security assistance; support savings groups, providing mental health and psychosocial support for children and families, helping families to help continue children’s education remotely.

    Collaborating and advocating to protect vulnerable children: Including influencing policy changes at global, regional and national levels to improve the international responses to Covid, working with faith leaders, the UN and others.

  • The virus is present in places where World Vision has existing development projects and some children are showing symptoms of the virus. The safety and well-being of vulnerable children is our highest priority.

    If a child becomes seriously ill from Covid or any other illness and they consent to sharing their medical condition, we will contact sponsors as soon as we can.

    If you have any questions about your sponsorship, or about World Vision’s work at this time, please do get in touch with us 01908 84 10 10 or email info@worldvision.org.uk 

    As Covid is still active in some of the places where sponsored children live, it could lead to delays in your communications reaching them. We promise to get all items to them as soon as possible. 

  • Raising funds is essential to ensure our work continues to help people.

    Donate to support World Vision’s Global Health Emergency Response.

    Stay informed. We’ll keep you updated here with the latest developments in our communities and how to help if you join our supporter list.

    Pray for the children and their communities that are impacted by Covid. 

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