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Help children in Afghanistan

Stand with children who are fighting for survival in Afghanistan

Children in Afghanistan are fighting for survival. 

As conflict rages in Afghanistan, the impact on children is devastating. Countless innocent people have been wounded, killed or displaced. And it’s only getting worse. 

From food shortages causing malnutrition, to the exploitation of children’s rights. Girls who once spoke out about child marriage and advocated for their own education, now live in fear of punishment. It's heartbreaking that so many girls are potentially at risk just because they asked to go to school instead of their wedding ceremony. 

Together, we can protect children living in the world's most dangerous places, like Afghanistan. By donating to Childhood Rescue, you will help children around the world when they need it most.

No child should live in fear – will you help them today? 

18.4 million people, including 8.2 million children, have already needed humanitarian and protection assistance in 2021 and this is growing.

“History has shown that the resilience and fortitude of the Afghan people is extraordinary. But it has its limits. They are now at their most vulnerable and we cannot abandon them now,” says National Director Asuntha Charles. 

Please stand with the children of Afghanistan. 

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How you can help children in Afghanistan

For the past 20 years, through a range of projects that promote change and improve wellbeing, World Vision has been serving children, families, and communities in Afghanistan.

Every year, over 488,600 children and adults benefit from World Vision Afghanistan’s programmes, which currently operate in four provinces and cities throughout Afghanistan.

Help children in Afghanistan today. Support our life-saving work to help children in Afghanistan as well as some of the world's other most dangerous places.

Helping Afghanistan’s children

“Thinking of my dream, I was hopeful for my future,” says Sakina, 12 in Afghanistan. With loss of family income, he is forced to work.

Children in Afghanistan live in fear every day. They face being married off, or becoming child labourers, forced to beg or work on the streets. When you speak to children, it is clear there is so much work to do. Children have dreams, for their country, for their safety and security, for education. We want to see those dreams realised.

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