Young hungry child in Afghanistan stares into the camera, biting their lip

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Donate to Childhood Rescue to protect children who battle for survival

Millions in Afghanistan are struggling to access water and food, let alone basic health care.

Children are experiencing severe malnutrition. With coronavirus, this could be about to get worse.

Day to day life for Afghan children and their families is a battle for survival.

They urgently need our help.

By giving to Childhood Rescue, you can help us reach more children in the world’s most dangerous places, like Afghanistan. Together we can help them survive, recover from trauma and rebuild a future.

Give regularly to Childhood Rescue to help save and protect children in the world’s most dangerous places, wherever the need is greatest.

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World Vision has been working in Afghanistan since 2001. We are providing clean water and food and helping families to start earning again.

But to reach the most vulnerable children and empower local women, we need your support.

Help children in Afghanistan today. Support our life-saving work to help children in Afghanistan as well as other of the world's most dangerous places.

I am happy that I’m going to school. I don’t want to be married off like my sisters. I want to be a teacher.


11 year old girl from Afghanistan

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Over the last five years, 89% of the severely malnourished children we treated made a full recovery

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