People search among the rubble after an earthquake in Afghanistan

Help children in Afghanistan

Stand with children who are fighting for survival in Afghanistan

Children in Afghanistan are fighting for survival as crisis piles upon crisis. 

Children and families in Afghanistan are experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, and recently two deadly earthquakes have brought more chaos. The estimated death toll surpasses 4,000 people, with thousands injured. And this will only get worse. An already suffering population now face another deadly challenge. The Herat earthquakes has reduced homes to rubble, destroyed livelihoods, and ended the lives of loved ones.

Add this to the everyday reality of conflict, drought, economic collapse, and mass hunger. This is what children in Afghanistan are facing in 2023. 

From food shortages causing malnutrition, to the violation of children’s rights. Girls who once spoke out about child marriage and advocated for their own education, now face only barriers. It's heartbreaking that so many girls are potentially at risk just because they asked to go to school instead of their wedding ceremony.  

But together, we can protect children living in the world's most dangerous places, like Afghanistan. By donating to World Vision, you will help children around the world when they need it most. 

No child should live in fear – will you help them today? 


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How you can help children in Afghanistan

For the past 20 years World Vision has been serving children, families, and communities in Afghanistan. 

Our local staff are getting help to those who need it most. We’re delivering food and water supplies to desperate families, providing essential health care, treating malnourished infants and protecting children from exploitation. 

Since August 2021, we’ve been able to reach over 3 million people. Over 1.5 million have better food and livelihood options. Around 300,000 children can now access education. Over 350,000 now have better hygiene practices. 

Your generosity allows life-saving work to help children in Afghanistan, as well as some of the world's most dangerous places, to continue. 

We are responding with everything we have. People need urgent medical care, water, food, shelter and help to stay safe.

Thamindri de Silva

National Director

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