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Two young children, dressed warmly, smile to the camera.

Annual Reports

World Vision UK trustees’ report and accounts

Annual Report, 2023

Last year we reached over 2.5 million children in 182 projects across 36 countries. Within this, we responded to 53 emergencies across 21 countries, supporting over a million children and 2.5 million people in total. We were there for children in the most fragile places: 42% of the children we reached last year were in Syria, Sudan and Somalia.

The world is increasingly turbulent. Conflict and climate are causing displacement and hunger, and we’re seeing the effects of these across all our programmes. While the most vulnerable people and fragile places are hit hardest, we’re also seeing previously stable places grappling with growing food insecurity or dealing with the fallout of events elsewhere.

The number of people World Vision UK reached this year was significantly higher than normal, mainly due to our response to the earthquake in Syria and Türkiye. In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, we were there to provide emergency assistance to almost a million people.

In the Annual Report we present a range of case studies that demonstrate what we are doing to reach and deepen our impact for children in the most difficult situations. This can be seen in our emergency projects, including our response to the Ukraine crisis, and in our long term programmes, such as in Niger and Bolivia. It can also be seen in targeted projects – like our programme which focused on nutrition in Bangladesh. 

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