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A happy mother and daughters from South Sudan, farming

Annual Reports

World Vision UK trustees’ report and accounts

Annual Report, 2022

Last year, we supported 1.3 million children in 183 projects across 34 countries. Altogether, our work benefitted over three million people, including more than a million people – almost half of them children – in emergency situations.

We began 2022 with the challenges of the “three Cs”: Covid, confict and climate change. The pandemic had a double impact: it continued to hinder our operations, despite brave efforts to adapt, and also affected children’s wellbeing. Ongoing conflict and the mounting impacts of climate change added layers of adversity, exacerbating the hunger crisis and hitting the most vulnerable hard.

Against this backdrop, we have followed our calling to bring God’s love to the most vulnerable children and places in the world. Underpinning this, World Vision’s global Our Promise strategy leads us to identify where the most vulnerable children are likely to be found within the countries where we work and the projects we run, and to focus in greater depth on these children.

In the Annual Report we present a range of case studies that demonstrate what we are doing to reach and deepen our impact for children in the most difficult situations. This can be seen in our emergency projects, including our work with the World Food Programme (WFP) reaching people facing hunger, and in our long term programmes, such as Jaiama Bongor in Sierra Leone, where we’ve worked together with remote communities in which more of the most vulnerable children live. It can also be seen in targeted projects – like our programme which focused on the worst forms of child labour - and in our project models, such as savings groups that provide support for children and their families.

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