Rosa, in Bolivia, shows the correct way to wash hands to prevent diseases like COVID-19.

Annual Reports

World Vision UK trustees’ report and accounts

Annual Report, 2021

In 2021, thanks to our loyal donors and partners, we were able to support 2 million children through World Vision UK projects. Many of these projects contributed to the World Vision Partnership's global COVID-19 response, which in 2021 reached 16.6 million people, of whom 39% were children. 

Our UK projects included emergency responses in 18 countries - reaching more than 1.7 million people.

Our focus on the most vulnerable children continued through this time, with 47% of children supported living in the most fragile contexts - where the most vulnerable children are found.

Overall, World Vision UK helped more than 4 million people in 34 countries over the course of 2021.

Download our 2021 Annual Report and learn more on how we impacted lives, how we're delivering on our strategy, and our plans for impacting children's lives in the future. You'll also find a message from our CEO, Mark Sheard, our Chair of the Board, Richard Izard and our financial update.

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