An Afghan boy, 8, smiles widely and displays to the camera the blue shirt he has received in a gift package. He is surrounded by other packages.
Where we work

Support children in the Middle East

We support people in emergencies

We're committed to helping children who live in the world's hardest places. This includes countries too fragile to have a child sponsorship programme. Countries in the Middle East have experienced decades of conflicts and disasters that have disrupted children’s education, made them fear for their lives and in some cases have to flee their homes.

Thanks to your support, we are able to spring into action in response to emergencies such as the explosion in Beirut, delivering emergency food and hygiene packages to families affected, as well as provide long term development and support to the vulnerable in Afghanistan and Syria.

Where World Vision works in the Middle East

Support our work in the Middle East

You can help transform the lives of the most vulnerable children:

We all have a responsibility to the children of Syria: to help rebuild their country... and to protect their rights – to an education, to a childhood.

Justin Byworth

Global Humanitarian Director, WVI

Protect children caught in emergencies

World Vision has a presence in almost 100 countries which means we can act quickly to help children in the world’s most dangerous places. We help people to survive - through providing life’s essentials like food, water and shelter; to recover from trauma they experienced, and to equip them to rebuild their future.

Because of World Vision supporters funding projects like our Emergency Response, when disasters like the Beirut explosion or COVID-19 strike, we can spring into action in less than 72 hours and provide life-saving support to children and their families.

Protect children in the most dangerous places in the Middle East

We'll do whatever it takes to reach children most in need, working even where countries are too fragile to support child sponsorship projects. In Afghanistan, a staggering 17 million people are affected by continued active conflict and severe drought, affecting access to water and basic services, and raising protection concerns. We work with communities to ensure they can access essentials like showers and toilets, animal feed to help families recover from the effects of droughts, as well as working to ensure displaced children get access to education.

This lifesaving work is only possible because generous individuals support Childhood Rescue with regular donations, meaning we can support children when their need is greatest. Whatever is happening in the world, you know your donations will reach the most vulnerable children, in the greatest need.

More about our work

From decades of conflict to the biggest refugee crisis since World War II and the explosion in Beirut, the communities we support in the Middle East need the world’s support urgently.

Thanks to the faithful support of people like you, our unique community-based model, refined and expanded over our 70-year history, can focus on key areas to ensure that all children, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender experience the fullness of life.

Our work is driven by a relentless desire to transform the lives of children so we partner with governments, peer organisations, institutional donors and businesses so together, we can have a greater impact in the lives of the families we serve. You can learn more about them and our work below.