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Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

Help protect the children of Afghanistan today.

Children in Afghanistan urgently need lifesaving help.

While many people are leaving Afghanistan, those remaining face a growing crisis that is threatening children’s futures.

Children and families in Afghanistan are struggling to survive. They’re in the grip of a hunger crisis fuelled by drought and the impact of Covid-19. And now, they face even more uncertainty for what their futures hold.

Though some must leave, we’re committed to staying in Afghanistan and meeting children’s most urgent needs. This is the right moment to be with Afghan communities and to stand by their side. But we can’t do it without your help.

Help us to act fast to save children's lives.

What you can provide

Please help families and children struggling to survive.

Right now, there is an immediate need for food and water. Last winter’s drought has caused such a bad food crisis that half of children under five are expected to face acute malnutrition in 2021. The severe shortage of drinking water has caused many to leave their homes or drink from sewage-infected wells.

After a temporary pause of our projects, we’ve resumed operations following assurances that both male and female humanitarian staff can safely operate and that women and men, girls and boys can benefit from response activities without discrimination.

Our teams are on the ground running life-saving mobile health and nutrition services in three provinces. Mobile health clinics, staffed by women and men, have so far met the health needs of over ten thousand people in recent weeks. But many more still urgently need help. As winter approaches and families continue to face acute food shortages, we’re working with partners to distribute food aid and providing sanitation, hygiene and clean water.

The resilience and fortitude of the Afghan people has its limits. They're now at their most vulnerable and we cannot abandon them now.

Asuntha Charles

National Director, World Vision Afghanistan

Help children facing fear and uncertainty

Our commitment to helping families build brighter futures for their children remains. Most of our staff in Afghanistan are local staff. They know the needs of children and families better than anyone. They’re staying and we’re committed to them too.

Your donation today will help us continue to transform the futures of vulnerable children by providing access to water, food, healthcare, education, lifeskills and child protection.

How we work in emergencies

When emergencies hit, children are often the most at risk. That’s why we need to be there – in places torn apart by disasters and conflict.

Your support is needed now more than ever

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Together we’ve impacted the lives of over 200 million​ vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty.​

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