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A group of children from Zambia sit on the floor against a wall with a World Vision staff member wearing an orange and white tabard.

About Child Sponsorship

Everything you may want to know

How it works, what sponsors say, FAQs, why and how to sponsor

Child Sponsorship pairs you, the sponsor, with a child who needs your help. Once you’re matched with a child, you’ll be their only sponsor.

Your online account, what to write, keeping children safe, and visiting

You’ll see changes such as improved schooling, clean water taps, healthcare facilities, and more, through the eyes of the child via letters, photos, and updates.

Sponsor a child or have a child choose you

Being a child sponsor can be a life-changing experience.

How sponsorship creates lasting change in communities

Your monthly donation is pooled together with the donations from all of the child sponsors in the community, and that money is used to make changes that are desperately needed to transform the lives of everyone that lives there.

Child Sponsorship blogs and stories