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Woman and girl sit on plastic chairs together in India
10 November 2020

Visiting your child

See first-hand the difference you make by visiting your sponsored child

Meeting your sponsored child is life-changing

Meeting your sponsored child is an unforgettable experience that will bless you, your sponsored child and their family. When you visit, you will get to see first-hand how you’re making a difference in their life and in the entire community.

We are happy to organise your visit once you have sponsored for over a year.

We want to make sure everyone involved in this journey has a memorable experience. We’re also committed to ensuring the safety of children. It may take a lot of time to coordinate and plan a visit, so visit request applications must be submitted at least 3 months in advance.

To find out more about how to arrange your visit, log in to your My Sponsorship account where you’ll find our Sponsor Visit Pack for you to learn more about your visit. This has a step-by-step guide on how to organise your visit and what is required.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, email us and we will send you the necessary application forms. 

Three women and two children stand together outside in Tanzania
Elizabeth, on the far left, meeting Jeni, second from the left, and her family in Tanzania

Elizabeth and Jeni's meeting

Elizabeth travelled to Tanzania to meet Jen and her family. This is her story of their meeting:

I have always been hugely impacted by the welcome and hospitality shown by Tanzanians, and this was nowhere more evident than during my recent visit to meet Jeni and her family.

From the community choir who greeted me on arrival, the welcoming speech from the village chairman, the attention shown by the World Vision staff - the kindness shown to a stranger was overwhelming.

And what a joy to meet Jeni for the first time! Although the exchange of cards, pictures and letters over the last few years has helped greatly to establish a connection with Jeni, meeting her in person has made the relationship so much more meaningful.

My visit to Jeni's home and meeting her family is something I will always treasure.


Child Sponsor

I can now picture her home, her family, her friends, her school and exercise books, the village shops and areas where she likes to play. I can now picture her smile, her quiet confidence, the care she shows her younger sister, and stand with her in her hopes and dreams to become a nurse.

I was also shown some of the great community initiatives World Vision has helped to establish, including beekeeping, farming and water projects. I was impressed with the way the community work together and take ownership of these projects at the grassroots level to help bring about sustainable change.

It is a privilege to know that my sponsorship is helping to contribute to the transformation of Jeni's community, whilst my visit to her home and meeting her family is something I will always treasure.

What other sponsors have said about visiting

"It was the most wonderful experience, one that will stay with [my grandson and I] for the rest of our lives. We were entertained by the children in the Project, and through interpreters, were able to learn about each other’s lives. It meant so much to meet Rajiya, her friends, her parents and to see at first-hand the amazing work done by World Vision in helping each child work towards becoming a self-reliant and self-confident young adult." – Clare

"It really was amazing visiting my sponsored child – inspiring, humbling, emotionally intense, educational, at times heart-breaking. I’ve talked of virtually nothing else since I got home." – Robin

"Describing how I felt the day meeting Shubhangi arrived is difficult – excited, nervous, emotional and perhaps a bit scared as I anticipated the visit. It turned out to be the best day ever and one I will cherish and never forget." - Karen

Sponsored girl in India sits cradled by her sponsor, both smiling at the camera
Bidisha and her sponsored child Mahi sit and giggle together in India
Girl in a wheelchair smiles, sitting in front of two older women in Armenia
Suzanne met Nora, 16, and her family on a visit to Armenia
Child holds out some flowers to a man in Albania
Lusjana greets Brian, her sponsor, with flowers on a visit in Albania
Woman and girl sit on plastic chairs together in India
Shubhangi and her sponsor Karen sit together in India

A virtual visit

Lizzie from Kettering managed a very special meeting, when she met her sponsored child Odalis, 6, from Honduras. This virtual visit is a special 'first' for Odalis and Lizzie - and for World Vision UK too.

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