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Nepali boy
26 October 2023

I have gained confidence to follow my dreams

Child Sponsorship has given Rahul the confidence to develop his artistic skills

For more than 70 years, World Vision has sought to give fullness of life to vulnerable children in the hardest places. These are places where everyday life can be tough enough even without the challenge of a disability. But this story demonstrates the power of Child Sponsorship in overcoming such a challenge.

Rahul’s story

"Being a World Vision sponsored child, I have found opportunities. I have gained the confidence to follow my dream and believe in what I am capable of achieving," says Rahul, 17, from Nepal. 

When he was just three, Rahul had a major accident which led to the left part of his body being paralysed. However, Child Sponsorship and his own determination mean his future looks bright.

Despite his disability, Rahul is determined to pursue his love for art.

A Nepali boy drawing
Rahul concentrates on his drawing

Inspired to keep going

Art has been a bridge between Rahul and his sponsor, connecting their worlds. "Receiving praise for my drawings really inspires me to keep going," he confesses with a smile.

His older brother and his parents feel the same about Rahul’s artwork and support him in every endeavour he chooses.

Rahul's journey with World Vision has spanned nearly six years, during which he has developed as an individual. He recounts how World Vision's various life-skills development activities have transformed not only his life but also the lives of children like him in his community.

"By participating in the life-skills training with other children, I not only learned about our rights and responsibilities, but it also made me more aware and confident to participate in activities within my community," Rahul reflects with gratitude. The young artist also participated in a comic-writing and drawing event as a part of the programme, an experience that intrigued him greatly as it was something he had never done before.

Rahul’s mother says, "Rahul used to keep his artistic abilities to himself and did not display them to others. I was unable to purchase the supplies for his artwork because I could not afford it. I was not even aware of the supplies he required for his art.

“I still clearly remember his joy after receiving [art supplies] from World Vision. He [has] made so many beautiful art using them. His art has also made its way to his [sponsor].”

Nepali mother and son looking at his drawing
Rahul and his mother looking at his artwork

Rahul appreciates the encouragement he has received from his sponsor. “I have always been passionate about art, but without encouragement and platforms provided by World Vision, I would never be able to gather my confidence to pursue my passion for art.”

At the age of 14, he decided to study art in high school. Supported wholeheartedly by his family, Rahul embraced his artistic journey with enthusiasm and is currently studying fine arts, which he enjoys a lot. Though living with a disability, Rahul refuses to let this hinder his creative pursuits.

With his unwavering determination, Rahul continues to create art, using his drawings and paintings as a powerful medium of self-expression. One of his most cherished paintings is that of the Bagbhairav temple, which took him three weeks to complete, meticulously adding shades and intricacies to bring the structure to life.

With help from the programme activities, his artwork was featured during local government events and was included in various World Vision's mailings to sponsors. This recognition was a major motivation for Rahul to further his career as an artist.

Rahul's journey serves as an inspiration to others to follow their own aspirations despite any challenges they may encounter.

Investing in the wellbeing of children

In Nepal, Child Sponsorship supports more than 68,000 children. Through Child Sponsorship, World Vision implements a community-based, child-focused development model by investing in the wellbeing of children through long-term shared benefit of communities. World Vision’s Child Sponsorship approach supports children and families through various education, livelihood, protection, and health and nutrition activities to ultimately contribute to the wellbeing of children.

Find out more about how sponsoring a child can help children overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.

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