Sponsored child in Niger smiles as she washes her hands from a clean water tap

Sponsor a child in Africa

Transform a child in Africa's life - and their whole community

Sponsoring a child in Africa

By sponsoring a child in Africa, you’ll build a connection that lasts a lifetime. You’ll get to see how your contribution helps change their world forever.  

Child Sponsorship gives you the chance to protect and empower the most vulnerable children in Africa and make sure their community becomes thriving and self-sufficient.

World Vision's Child Sponsorship programmes help children in African countries like Sierra Leone, Senegal and Tanzania. You can also sponsor a child in East Africa and help children in Uganda, Zambia and Mozambique.

For £26 per month you can:

How sponsoring a child in Africa works

For every one child sponsored, four more benefit too.

Shemi's sponsorship story

Shemi has sponsored children in Uganda for 14 years. For Shemi and her children, sponsoring Vincent has brought so much joy. Her sponsorship began when she had her first son Adam and she realised other children wouldn't have all the wonderful experiences he would.

I would say to someone who is thinking about sponsoring a child, go ahead and do it. It's the most life changing thing ever, it's absolutely brilliant


Child Sponsor

The impact of sponsoring a child in Africa

Tassy would say, "Grandma, I need some food. I am hungry," and her Grandma had nothing to give her. Tassy’s cries drove her Grandma to a neighbour to beg for a bit of porridge.

But then Tassy and her grandparents received five goats from World Vision. Her Grandma, Jeracy says, "The day that the goats were coming for me was the greatest day for me. It was the day of the greatest joy that I have ever had. I knew that was the beginning of a change."

The goats quickly provided milk for food and an income for Tassy's grandparents. After struggling for food, the family now has enough money to eat, buy soap and clothes, and pay for Tassy’s education.

Tassy wants to be a nurse, but her grandparents say she’s so smart they want her to pursue being a doctor.

Tassy’s sponsor sent an extra gift of money, which they used to buy a mattress and blankets, neither of which Tassy ever had before.

It was the day of the greatest joy that I have ever had. I knew that was the beginning of a change.
Nine-year-old sponsored child from Zambia smiles and peeks past a curtain
Tassy, 9 years old, from Zambia now has a brighter future thanks to her sponsor

Why sponsor a child in Africa with World Vision


  • Select one of the children above to sponsor a child in Africa, or visit our Sponsor a Child page to choose a child to sponsor from another region. Or if you'd prefer, give our Supporter Care team a call on 01908 84 10 10 to discuss the options around child sponsorship.

  • World Vision has had a Child Sponsorship programme for more than 70 years, we pair donors with a vulnerable child who needs protection and empowerment.

    Child Sponsorship brings much-needed change to more than just one child — the benefits you help provide extends to each child's family, their community and other children in need. 

    This is because World Vision partners, plans and works alongside local community members to help build healthy, sustainable communities for vulnerable children in the world’s hardest places. Learn more about how Child Sponsorship works. 

  • All of World Vision's work begins with listening to African families and communities in need. Community leaders work with us to identify the most vulnerable children and families who will benefit from our Child Sponsorship programmes.

  • We work with national governments and other international agencies to identify the regions and communities that are most in need and where the most vulnerable children live. We then meet with community leaders and the wider community to gain a greater understanding of the challenges and the opportunities that exist for them. We develop a long-term plan together, to break the cycle of poverty. Find out more about how Child Sponsorship works

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