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A wordle poem made by UK schoolchildren, using different words associated with courage
1 April 2022

Brave believers

Schoolchildren in Ely take on a courageous challenge this Lent

Children learn that "Courage takes many forms"

As Lent gains momentum 15,000 pupils at 85 Church schools in the Anglican Diocese of Ely have been challenged to take part in Brave Believers – working in partnership with global children’s charity World Vision UK.

The Brave Believers challenge gives primary school pupils the tools to be courageous advocates for the values of the Christian faith in their daily lives. Through creative methods – videos, podcasts, songs, and drawings – children are encouraged to be fearless when faced with adversity.

The challenge is set by the Bishop of Ely, the Rt Revd Stephen Conway. It uses resources produced by Diocese of Ely Education Directorate and World Vision UK.

“Courage takes many forms: it may mean facing up to opposition or personal danger; it may mean overcoming your personal fears or phobias; it could mean standing up for what’s right.

“The Bible is full of stories of courage and bravery: David and Goliath; Daniel in the lions’ den; Paul on his missionary journeys and Jesus himself in the Garden of Gethsemane,” says the Revd Sue Martin, Bishops Officer for Schools Mission at the Diocese.

illustrated book cover - 3 girls and the line "They said yes! when others said no"
World Vision's e-book, Girls Who Dared to Dream, is being used as part of the Ely schools' Lent challenge

Dare to Dream

At Ely ST Mary’s CofE Junior School, Brave Believers is the focus of Friday assemblies during Lent.

“Children are completing one art activity linked with the text, Girls who Dare to Dream and our school council are looking at a fundraiser to sponsor a child for a year via World Vision,” says Rachel Clarke, Interim Headteacher.

Girls Who Dare to Dream is a free ebook published by World Vision UK. It tells the stories of 10 girls who dreamed big, thought differently, never gave up and did things that seemed impossible. During Brave Believers pupils were encouraged to consider the children’s bravery in the stories, and what they could learn from them.

Children praying together in Kenya
Children in Kenya pray together

Connecting courageous children around the world

Meanwhile Barnabas Oley Cof E Primary School have embraced the challenge, creating a wordle on courage, a poem about bravery and some work on life in Nepal.

Bishop Stephen says: “We are excited about working with World Vision UK, focusing on being courageous advocates of the Christian faith in our lives, communities and across the world.

“It’s encouraging to see so many schools taking part in the Lent Challenge 2022 and learning how to apply Bible stories of bravery and courage to their own lives.”

Mark Sheard, CEO of World Vision UK says: “World Vision are delighted to be working with Bishop Stephen and his team at the Diocese of Ely on this year’s Lent Challenge.

“We pray children across the Diocese of Ely enjoy connecting with the children we work with around the world, through their stories, photos and films - and that together our children will be the brave believers God created them to be.”

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