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Hands hold a hardcover version of the book 'Stories from girls who dared to dream', with bright, bold illustrated cover
25 October 2021

Girls who dared to dream

Book inspires and empowers the next generation to make a change in their worlds

Real-life girls' stories to inspire

Right now, a girl is sitting down to do her homework. Another girl is building a fire, ready to get things cooking. Another is standing up to speak – around the dinner table, at a village meeting, in a politician’s office – though she’s always been told to sit down and listen. Yet another is staring out the window into the world – curtains open, so nothing can block her view – thinking, planning, and dreaming of her wildest ambition, her big idea, her next move.

Every one of these girls is already beating the odds. In many parts of the world, it’s harder for girls than for boys to do many things: to have the chance to be born, survive childhood, go to school, choose a job, or just choose their path at all.

But things are changing.

Imagine if every little girl was free to dream…

In the 100 countries where World Vision works, we have front row tickets to the transformation that is happening for girls. It’s happening bit by bit – one idea, one conversation, one law, one small business, one life at a time – in homes and communities worldwide.

It’s incredible and exciting – and it’s a change we can all help make happen! That’s why we wrote this book.

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Inspire and empower the next generation to make a change in their worlds


… and could turn her dreams into reality.

These are the stories of 10 girls who dreamed big, thought differently, never gave up, and did things that seemed impossible. They are change-makers, writing their own stories, in small ways and big ways (and small ways that turn into big ways).

Together, these girls, and millions more like them, are revolutionising the world.

This isn’t always the case… but it can be.

Right now, there is a girl or boy holding this book, who is shaping the future along with all the other change-makers out there. The future will be all we decide to make it. Let’s go.

Book illustrations of some of the girls featured in the eBook 'Stories from girls who dared to dream'

Stories from girls who dared to dream

Storybooks have been used for generations to share tales of adventure, heroism and adversity. This book is a platform for some girls we’ve worked with to share their stories worldwide.

We’ve brought to life the truly inspirational stories of girls – their bravery, courage and determination to overcome challenges – in an illustrated eBook that adults can read to children.

Maybe it will encourage your little ones to share their own dreams and stories.

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Inspire and empower the next generation to make a change in their worlds


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