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Image of a boiled egg, with paints, brushes and other craft materials in the background
23 March 2021

Free Easter activities

Ways to keep the children entertained at home this Easter

Keeping children happy this Easter

This Easter it may prove more difficult than usual for parents to find ways of entertaining the kids. If they’ve watched all of YouTube/ CBeebies/ Disney+ over the last few months of lockdown, maybe you’re looking for something new.

At World Vision, we understand the importance of play and creativity for children’s wellbeing. So, this Easter our creative teams have come up with 7 days of free Easter-themed activities for kids – including printables and puzzles.

Count down to Good Friday with us and receive a new FREE at home activity each day.

Archana has a huge smile as she enjoys colouring in a picture
In India, 11-year-old Archana has received crayons, colours and colouring books from her sponsor. She said she never knew what colouring was before. Now, she loves it and calls it her favourite hobby.

7 days of free Easter fun

Suitable for primary-age children, the Easter Countdown Calendar will give you a new activity every day from 27 March up to Good Friday – including free downloadable colouring sheets and online mini-games and quizzes.

To access these free children’s activities, simply sign-up to the Easter Countdown Calendar before Easter Sunday (this is now closed). You’ll receive an email with an exclusive link to your Calendar.
Then simply visit every day, open that day’s door and find something new to keep the little ones amused for a while.

Five-year-old Mouataz, originally from Syria, draws at a table alongside other children
In Lebanon, five-year-old Mouataz enjoys coming to the Child Friendly Space centre with other child refugees from Syria. In class, he’s quiet and shy, but being creative allows him to express himself.

Over the week leading up to Good Friday you and your little ones can:

  • polish your matching pair skills with our online mini-game,
  • download and print a variety of Easter-themed colouring sheets
  • and even test your Easter knowledge with our online quiz.

And if there’s more than one young mind to occupy in your house – no problem.
Each online mini-game can be played and replayed throughout that day. And you can print enough copies of the colouring sheets to keep everyone’s crayons busy.

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