Child smiles in front of a blue door at her home in Rwanda

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Change an orphan child's life - and their whole community

Why sponsor an orphan

World Vision believes that vulnerable children living in the world's most dangerous places deserve power over their future.

Losing a loved one, especially a parent, can make any child feel powerless.

Orphan children are vulnerable to poverty, child labour and abuse and risk missing out on school and never achieving their true potential. But you can help give them the future they deserve.

When you sponsor an orphan child, you'll help protect and empower the most vulnerable children in the world and make sure their community becomes thriving and self-sufficient. Sponsoring a child is the chance for you to build a connection with a child and watch as you change their world forever.

To sponsor an orphan, please call our team now on 01908 84 10 00.

Alternatively, you can sponsor a child online.

When you sponsor an orphan, this child may have lost one or more parents. This broader definition of an orphan is adopted by UNICEF and many international organisations but contrasts with concepts in many industrialised countries, where a child must have lost both parents to qualify as an orphan.

Please note that the children available to sponsor on our website each have unique circumstances. Please contact us if you have a specific preference to sponsor an orphan.

Sponsor an Orphan

If you would like to sponsor an orphan, please speak to our team today.

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How sponsoring an orphan helps

Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, 4 more children benefit, too. 

How child sponsorship changed Marline's life

When I got the news that I was sponsored, that is exactly when I knew that God was there.
Former sponsored child smiles with 9-year-old child at their home in Rwanda.
Marline smiles with 9-year-old Honorine at their home in Rwanda

Marline was sponsored at the age of 9 after losing her parents. Marline says, "When they died, I suffered and I was in a challenging situation."

"When I got the news that I was sponsored, that is exactly when I knew that God was there, because he responded to my prayers."

Thanks to World Vision’s Child Sponsorship, she knew she could complete her education. Her sponsor encouraged her to study hard, writing to tell her, “You are not alone."

Marline is now a teacher and she has never forgotten the experience of being sponsored as an orphan and being cared for by both her sponsors and her foster family.

Now she has adopted 9-year-old Honorine, who lost her family. Marline can relate to her situation and is helping to transform Honorine's life.

Why sponsor an orphan with World Vision


  • You can easily sign up to sponsor a child on the Sponsor a Child page. However, the specific circumstances of children available to Sponsor through World Vision on this page vary.

    If you would specifically like to sponsor an orphan, please contact our Supporter Care team on 01908 84 10 10. 

  • World Vision has had a child sponsorship programme for more than 70 years, we allow donors to sponsor orphan children who need protection and empowerment.

    Child Sponsorship brings much-needed change to more than just one child — the benefits you help provide extend to other children in need, their family and communities through community-based care programmes.

    This is because World Vision partners with, plans for and works alongside local community members to help build healthy, sustainable communities for vulnerable children in the world’s hardest places. Learn more about how child sponsorship works

  • All of World Vision's work begins with listening to communities in need. Community leaders work with us to identify the most vulnerable children and families who will benefit from child sponsorship.

    Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child sponsored four more benefit.

  • We work with national governments and other international agencies to identify the regions and communities that are most in need and where our orphan sponsorship programme is most needed. We then meet with community leaders and the wider community to gain a greater understanding of the challenges and the opportunities that exist for them and we develop a long-term plan together, to break the cycle of poverty. Find out more about how Child Sponsorship works

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