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Three children from Tanzania sitting on a mud brick wall with two smiling to the camera

What is child poverty?

How and why World Vision tackles the roots of poverty worldwide

Supporting vulnerable children

Child poverty describes when a child is raised with limited access to or, in some cases, no access to, the essential resources they need to survive and live well. Children who've grown up in poverty often suffer compared to others because of the lack of food, sanitation, healthcare and education they need to thrive.

Poverty is a problem affecting children around the world. According to UNICEF, an estimated 685 million children around the world live in poverty, whilst in the UK today, one in four children are living in poverty. Our focus is to help the most vulnerable children living in the most dangerous places to overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. 

What is keeping children in poverty?

In order to make changes, we need to understand and address the circumstances that create child poverty, and keep them there.

  • 1 in 10 people live on less that £1.50 a day
  • Every day 15,000 children and 800 mothers die of preventable causes
  • Children spend over 200 million hours every day collecting water
  • The poorest children are often taken out of school to help their families earn an income
  • Unpredictable weather and emergencies brought on by climate change and war can destroy a family's ability to provide for their children, and make it hard for them to build a better future

How we work to end child poverty

We tackle child poverty at its roots. With your support, we work alongside communities to bring lifesaving healthcare, clean water, nutrition, quality education, child protection and ways for families to make a living.

By tackling the root of the problems, we help to empower communities and ensure that the change we make lasts. Communities set their own goals for transformation and work with us to ensure that we're reaching these goals - and that children won't slip back into poverty when we leave. Children like Olya and Gor.

How Child Sponsorship lifts children out of poverty

Too many children live in poverty across the world, and with climate crises, conflict and COVID-19 affecting billions, the number of children in poverty is only growing. For those living in countries where people already struggling, the need to help is acute. Sponsor a child today and help us end child poverty.

Discover more

If you're still thinking 'but what really is child poverty and how to I help end it?', learn how we work to empower children in poverty, or consider sponsoring a child today to support them to transform their life.