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Philani in his beekeeping suit, who now has nine bee boxes
Gift of health and nutrition

Beekeeping kit

Where jobs are hard to come by, selling honey can provide much-needed income for families - and could help a whole community to get back on their feet.

This special charity gift includes:

  • Bee boxes
  • Protective suits

Since joining the beekeepers' group, Philani (pictured) now has nine bee boxes. He's grown in confidence since joining the group and has developed a strong relationship with the group leader Mbuso, who he calls â 'The Bee Master'. Philani now dreams of following in Mbuso's footsteps and becoming a â 'bee master' with a big business selling honey.

If you're looking for gifts for UK beekeepers - look no further! This beekeeping gift will please bee lovers near and far. The perfect alternative present.


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