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A girl from India holding a sanitary kit containing sanitary pads, underwear, water, and soap
Gift of health and nutrition

Girl's sanitary kit - pack of 3

When any young girl starts her period, she can feel anxious or even afraid. In many places, these feelings are magnified when a girl can't even get any sanitary products. Charity gifts of sanitary pads, underwear, water, and soap are a simple way to make a huge difference.

Without sanitary products, girls may miss school during their periods and end up falling behind. Alternative charity gifts like this girl's sanitary kit could change the course of a girl's education.

A girl's sanitary kit includes:

  • A bucket with lid
  • Cloth sanitary towels (washable and reusable)
  • Underwear
  • Soap

This amazing gift is so simple and practical but could restore a girl's dignity and help improve education for girls.


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