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Sponsor a child in Uganda

Transform their life - and a whole community

Why sponsor a child

Child Sponsorship transforms the lives of vulnerable children.

We work with children and their families in some of the poorest areas of Uganda, where we support families to lift themselves out of poverty for good via improved farming methods and community saving groups.

We help shield children from poverty and malnutrition.

Sponsor a child in Uganda to give a child in need power over their own future.


We are still working on this. This option is not available currently.

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Yes, I'll sponsor Benard

Boy 9 years old

Your donation will change the life of your sponsored child and help transform their community.
Donations over £26 per month will go towards funding our wider work overseas or in the UK.


To achieve lasting change in the child’s community, Child Sponsorship is a minimum monthly donation of £26. Please click here to donate a smaller amount towards our work with children living outside a Sponsorship programme.

For £26 per month you can:

How your donations help

Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child sponsored, 4 more children benefit, too. 

The impact of Child Sponsorship

I now support my family... I want my younger siblings to complete school too because I have seen how education can change one’s life.


Former sponsored child

Child and a teacher sit in Uganda sit outside on plastic chairs
Sponsor a child, and transform their lives like Elizabeth's was

Elizabeth always dreamed of getting a good education. But despite her best intentions, the biting poverty at her home made her ambition seem unlikely.

When Child Sponsorship started in her community, her dream came true: she was finally able to attend school. Elizabeth worked hard which was reflected in her impressive academic performance.

“I finished my last two years of primary school on a school bursary because of my good performance,” she says with a chuckle.

At 24, Elizabeth is now a teacher and a role model - inspiring her students, especially the girls she teaches, to aim higher.

Why World Vision


  • Select one of the children above to sponsor a child in Uganda, or visit our Sponsor a Child page to choose a child to sponsor from another country. Or if you’d prefer, give our Supporter Care team a call on 01908 84 10 10.

  • World Vision has had a Child Sponsorship programme for more than 70 years, we pair donors with a vulnerable child who needs protection and empowerment.

    Child Sponsorship brings much-needed change to more than just one child — the benefits you help provide extends to each child's family, their community and other children in need. 

    This is because World Vision partners, plans and works alongside local community members to help build healthy, sustainable communities for vulnerable children in the world’s hardest places. Learn more about how Child Sponsorship works. 

  • All of World Vision's work begins with listening to communities in need. Community leaders work with us to identify the most vulnerable children and families who will benefit from Child Sponsorship.

  • We work with national governments and other international agencies to identify the regions and communities that are most in need and where the most vulnerable children live. We then meet with community leaders and the wider community to gain a greater understanding of the challenges and the opportunities that exist for them and we develop a long-term plan together, to break the cycle of poverty. Find out more about how Child Sponsorship works

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