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A girl washing her hands under a water pump
4 May 2020

Karama's story

Coronavirus is putting vulnerable children at great risk

Karama, 7, lives in South Sudan, a country that has gone through terrible civil war, leaving millions of families vulnerable.

Lack of health facilities and poor hygiene means that children like Karama, are at an even greater risk of getting sick.

But, thanks to you, Karama has been learning how to stop the spread of the virus by washing her hands.

She’s happy that she can now protect herself.

I wash my hands as soon as I arrive home and every time after touching anything.


Age 7, from South Sudan

Children like Karama now have access to information about the virus, including the importance of sanitation and how to stay safe during the pandemic.


How World Vision is responding to coronavirus 

Thanks to your support, together we can scale up prevention measures for coronavirus across the globe.  

World map indicating where World Vision work

We aim to reach 22.5 million people. Over half of them are children.

Our team is active on the ground in nearly 100 countries and we’re improving prevention and relief interventions in every country we work in.

Our response will focus initially on 17 countries, including some of the world’s most dangerous places.


The focus of this global response will be through three key areas:

Help vulnerable children

You can protect children living in some of the most dangerous places