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Living with the legacy of the Somalia war

People in Somalia have already overcome so much. Their lives have been plagued by civil war for decades, causing fear, poverty and displacement. Now they're facing new dangers caused by a new drought coupled with the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2020, more than one million people were displaced by drought, floods, locust infestations and conflict, the highest figures recorded since 2016, according to the UN Refugee Agency.

The country is still plagued by suicide bombers and unrest.

The people of Somalia urgently need your help.

By giving to World Vision, you can help them survive, recover from trauma and rebuild a future.

Give regularly can help save and protect children in the world’s most dangerous places, wherever the need is greatest.

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Where is Somalia?

Somalia is the eastern-most country in Africa, bordering Ethiopia and Kenya. Like their neighbours, the Somali people have to contend with extreme weather, like devastating droughts made worse by climate change. But Somalia has also been ravaged by over 20 years of civil war, contributing to its status as one of the poorest countries in the world.

People urgently need our support - for access to clean water and nutrition. We are also working to provide urgent health services like coronavirus protection and, in partnership with The Global Fund, to fight the spread of tuberculosis that is devastating communities.

Your support can help us to reach more children and their families in one of the world's poorest countries. Help children in Somalia today.

Before, I used to stay at home doing nothing. Now, there is hope.

Halimo, 57


Giving families a future

Halimo has suffered greatly over the years - losing seven children. Her husband lives elsewhere with another wife, but Halimo is determined to provide for her surviving children. Before 2016, her family had 30 goats to sustain their income, but they lost all but two to drought and their future looked bleak.

Then hope appeared. Through a World Vision-backed poultry farming project, Halimo was given six hens. Now, she has 25, and collects eggs every day. The eggs provide nutrition for her family, and when she has enough, she sells them to community members for income. Thanks to supporters like you, the future looks brighter for Halimo and her children.

Woman sits outside her house in Somalia with her child on her lap as a chicken walks past
Halimo, 57, has hope now that the chickens provided by World Vision can provide a livelihood for her family

What hope looks like in Somalia

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21% of the children we helped in 2020 were in the most fragile contexts, including Somalia, Syria and Afghanistan. Supporters like you made that possible.

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