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Somali child sat down eating wild fruits

A prayer for Somalia

Join us in praying for those facing hunger and drought in Somalia.

Join us in our prayer further down this page, but first some background information to help inform your prayers.

Somalia, like much of East Africa, is facing its worst drought in 40 years.

More than seven million people are experiencing extreme hunger due to the drought. And hunger has displaced hundreds of thousands of people who have no choice but to relocate, walking days or weeks to find assistance.

The United Nations reports of catastrophic levels of hunger. Families are trying everything they can to feed their children. But the extreme and prolonged nature of this crisis is causing parents to make difficult choices to get by, such as arranging early marriages for girls or taking their children out of education because they can no longer afford it. But still, many families are only eating one meal a day.

World Vision is a global leader in providing food assistance at scale – delivering food rations and cash or vouchers to refugees, displaced people, and communities suffering drought and extreme hunger. As a Christian charity, we’re praying for children and families facing hunger and drought in Somalia, and those helping them.

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Join us in prayer for the people of Somalia

Father God, our hearts are torn as we witness the results of drought in Somalia. Although we find it hard to comprehend the scale of hunger, we know that you understand the plight of all people. And so we bring our prayers before you, knowing that they are inadequate, but also knowing that you are more than adequate, the sustainer of all life.

Prayers for hungry children

For children who are constantly hungry. Whose childhood years are being overshadowed by this drought. May you bring a heavenly peace and joy that is not reliant on their earthly circumstances.

For parents who feel the pain of seeing their children go hungry and not being able to provide for them, we pray that you bring comfort. May they know that you are their Father in heaven who understands and walks with them.

Prayers for leaders responding to the Somalia drought

For those responding, for government officials and for agencies like World Vision. Equip them with all they need, we pray. Please provide the resources, wisdom, expertise, and the endurance to carry on.

For those of us looking on, although we may feel helpless, enable us to play our part. Give us the words to speak out and make this largely hidden hunger crisis known to our politicians, to our churches, to our neighbours. Help us to give sacrificially where we can and give us the drive to continue in our humble, inadequate prayers.

In Jesus name, Amen

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