Child from Sierra Leone smiles at the camera, holding chalk up to a blackboard indoors

Sponsor a child in Sierra Leone

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Why sponsor a child in Sierra Leone

Child Sponsorship transforms the lives of vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.

We work with children and their families in some of the poorest rural communities in Sierra Leone, where we prioritise healthcare, quality education, long term development and helping communities recover from the devastating impact of the Ebola epidemic.

Together with the help of child sponsors, we're working in Sierra Leone to shield children from the ravages of disease and improve the health of children and their families.

By becoming a child sponsor, you can give children in Sierra Leone power over their own future.

For £26 per month you can:

How your donations help

Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child sponsored, 4 more children benefit, too. 

The impact of Child Sponsorship

I want to become a nurse when I grow up. Then I can treat people and make them well, so another child doesn’t have to lose their daddy.


Sponsored child

A sponsored child in Sierra Leone smiles as she puts her arms around her friends, sitting in a classroom
Sponsor a child like Janatu and change their life today

Life was good for Janatu until her beloved father died unexpectedly from malaria.

Her mother broke down from stress, and then began to beat Janatu. With no money coming into the family, Janatu had to scavenge oranges and nuts to survive. They only ate once a day.

Janatu moved in with her aunt, but the family were still very poor and she dressed in rags.

Once she got sponsored life got a lot better for Janatu, now 13. She attended school and had a good quality school uniform. The family had enough to eat, she stopped feeling hungry.

Her family are now able to afford health care fees and have purchased a mosquito net so they can sleep safely.

Janatu is happy to be in school and dreams of being a nurse.

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