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18 September 2020

Must Have Gifts

Find extra-special gifts for your loved ones this Christmas

A strange year calls for a very special Christmas

The challenges we faced this year made us realise that relationships matter more than anything else. That the care and love of our family, friends and neighbours are what makes life joyful. With Must Have Gifts, you can share that sense of care, love and connection with vulnerable families thousands of miles away too.

Watch the video below to see the difference you can make with Must Have Gifts and get ready to celebrate the end of a challenging year with special gifts.

How Must Have Gifts work (in just a few easy steps)

1. Choose your special gifts for your family and friends on
2. Pick your perfect card from our selection of festive designs and choose whether to send it by post or email. The card will show your loved ones which gift you’ve bought on their behalf.
3. Add your own, personal message.
4. Sit back and look forward to Christmas!

Must Have Gifts

World Vision's new Christmas 2020 charity gift collection

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Our new Must Have Gifts collection of cards and gifts is out now!

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