Girl from Vietnam smiles broadly in front of her peers and a display and educational information

International Day of Education

Find out how your sponsorship can benefit girls on this day.

According to UNESCO, 250 million children and youth are out of school, and 763 million adults are illiterate. Children who aren’t getting an education are more vulnerable to exploitation, child marriage, and lower earning potential. There are millions of boys and girls who are in school, but they’re facing other issues like having poorly trained teachers and a lack of school resources. All of this hinders their ability to reach their God-given potential.

As an international education charity, World Vision is working with communities to address barriers to education. Learn about the International Day of Education and how you can join World Vision supporters to improve child literacy rates.

When is the International Day of Education?

The International Day of Education 2025 is on Friday 24 January.

First observed in 2019 and proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, International Education Day falls on 24 January annually.

What is the International Day of Education?

The International Education Day helps to shine a light on children who are missing out on receiving the education they deserve, as well as celebrating the role of education and its importance in the world.

We believe education is a human right, which is why we partner with local governments to ensure communities are empowered to provide a quality education for their children. The United Nations recognises that improving access to education is essential for reaching the global Sustainable Development Goals.

Two Kenyan children wearing school uniform and taking part in new e-learning activities on a tablet
Children in Kenya are taking part in the diverse tutorials and e-learning materials, thanks to World Vision's digital learning literacy project.

Facts about children's education

Your support is transforming lives

The role of education in a child’s life is transformative. Education will empower children to break the cycle of poverty and build a promising future.

Helping children, especially girls, gain access to education is key to World Vision’s work.

When young people receive inclusive and equitable, quality education, they have more – and better - opportunities to experience fullness of life Ensuring that families and communities have options to generate a self-sustaining income so that their children can continue in school is one of our main aims in Child Sponsorship.

But it’s not just World Vision’s direct work with the children and the communities that makes a difference. Those who sponsor - and write to their child - are transforming lives directly, as Thu’s story shows...

Read Thu's story

Growing up without her parents in northern Vietnam, 14-year-old Thu was relentlessly bullied. She became shy and withdrawn. But her sponsor’s letter of encouragement transformed her life. And now she’s planning on transforming her community too. This is Thu’s story…

Together, we can help children like Thu

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we can help children get an education in the world’s hardest places. But it wouldn’t be possible without you. When you sponsor a child like Thu, you’re helping transform a child’s life – and even whole communities. As a Christian charity, our aim is to support children to get the quality education they deserve, whether that’s through training teachers, providing educational materials or ensuring families are empowered to pay for their child’s school fees. 

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