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Become a Church Partner

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Together we can make an extraordinary impact

Are you wondering how to deepen your congregation's engagement in God’s mission for the world? We offer opportunities for churches whose communities have a wish in their heart to serve others beyond church on Sunday. We are called to fulfil God’s mission, to work together as ordinary people making an extraordinary impact, and we invite you to be partners with us in this work.

For 70 years, we have been serving alongside communities and amplifying their voices when and where it is most needed. We have joined together with countless Christians, local churches and people of all faiths and none who are committed to tackling poverty and injustice. We hope you will join us.

How partnership works

Dave Richards
Interaction with people in another part of God’s world is transformative. That makes a huge difference, as a real partnership, with real people.

Dave Richards

Rector, St Pauls & St Georges Church, Edinburgh

Opportunities to change lives

There are many ways we can come together to support God’s work and our partnership can achieve our shared mission. World Vision runs activities you can engage your congregation in like Pumpkin Heroes at Halloween, a Global 6K to end water poverty and the Matthew 25 Challenge - an opportunity for your congregation to step into this gospel message together and raise money for the children most in need. We also work closely with your church to share research gained across our network that helps churches with their mission, and work with you to provide opportunities for your congregation to support another community, such as our Chosen and Churches in Partnership programmes.

Transform children's lives

Become a church partner and work with us to transform the lives of children like Masika.

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You can contact our Church Team by calling us on 01908 84 10 10 or emailing and one of our team will be in touch in no time, or find out more about our work with churches below: