Children sit in a room in the UK being read a Patch the Pumpkin story

Be Pumpkin Heroes™

Take part in our Christian alternative to Halloween

Your Christian alternative activities for Halloween

Pumpkin Heroes is a free pack of Christian resources designed to help children aged 4-10 in your church, group or school enjoy alternative Halloween crafts, activities and games.

Pumpkin Heroes can be held at church or as an online event. It's as simple as requesting or downloading the resources, telling your congregation about the event, and enjoying the results!

Meet Patch the Pumpkin

He'll tell you about Pumpkin Heroes and the joy it brings.

How to take part

Next year’s Pumpkin Heroes pack will be ready to order in July 2021. Patch is hibernating, but looks forward to seeing you all then!

Our theme, Believing in Others, also gives your children the chance to make and send Buddy Bracelets to vulnerable children living where World Vision works, helping children in the UK feel connected in a year where they have missed friends.

Give a donation

Pumpkin Heroes is a free resource helping all that use it bring life in all its fullness for children.

An optional donation today will enable us to continue helping vulnerable children living in the world’s most dangerous places.

Why take part?

As Christians, we understand that Halloween can be a tricky time of year - especially for Churches and Christian families. This is why we've created a Halloween alternative. Pumpkin Heroes provides you, your family and church with great Bible-based resources that will help children discover God's love for all of us this Halloween.

If you'd like to know more, get in touch with our Churches Team who would be happy to guide you. You can contact them via the button below or by calling 01908 84 10 10.

United Christian Broadcasters

We are delighted that our friends at UCB support Pumpkin Heroes. Keep your ears and eyes open for where Patch the Pumpkin might pop up at UCB in 2021.

Pumpkin Heroes was created by World Vision in 2017. Previously Carve a Heart encouraged people across the UK to carve a heart in their pumpkin to turn it into a lantern of hope. Our hero Patch the Pumpkin is all about heart too - helping children in the UK to have a hope-filled Halloween discovering how they can help and care for others.

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