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People in the USA stand with arms clasped, in front of a church pew

The Connected Generation

How Christian leaders can strengthen faith and well-being among 18-35-year-olds.

The Connected Generation, 2019

World Vision UK has joined with insight specialists Barna to release and help churches unpack the first truly global study of Millennials and their attitudes toward Christianity.

“Through this important and comprehensive study, we found young adults are truly globally-minded with a genuine desire to make a difference. But The Connected Generation also reveals a need to rethink the way we and churches connect with and mobilise young adults. Our prayer is that this study will help church leaders understand, disciple and ultimately activate this connected generation to become all that God created them to be. In making a lasting impact on these young adults, we make a lasting impact on the world.”

- Andrew Morley, President and Chief Executive Officer, World Vision International

With specific research on young Britain’s and their faith, we hope the Connected Generation UK report will help guide churches across the UK in their leadership and connection with this generation.

Our Church Team would love the opportunity to help you put this research into action and present it to your church or network of churches.

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