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Ukrainian girl holding a teddy bear in a refugee camp
28 February 2023

How to help refugee children around the world

How you, alongside World Vision, can help refugee children across the globe

Across the globe, there are millions of refugee children and asylum seekers who have been forced to flee their homes, their families, and their countries in order to avoid conflict and find safer and better living conditions. That’s not to mention those children who are living in locations being devastated by war and conflict, like those in Ukraine. Most refugees, as well as people displaced within Ukraine, are women and children.

According to the United Nations, 100 million individuals were forced to leave their homes in 2022 which includes those fleeing conflict, violence, human rights violations and persecution.

Imagine waking every day and being in constant fear, not knowing when your next meal will be or if the conflict around you will damage your home or your family. Here at World Vision, we strive to help children in crisis and offer them the opportunity to live a full and fulfilled life, without the constant worry about their future.

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Ways you can help child refugees

Make a one-off donation to latest emergencies

There are many ways you can help a child refugee and their family, one of them being to donate to the latest emergencies. World Vision is currently responding to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, conflict in Ukraine, and the hunger crisis.

When emergencies hit, children are often the most at risk. By donating to our charity, your gift will help children and families living in the hardest places. When disaster strikes, our response teams are supporting people.

This lifesaving work is made possible thanks to our generous supporters who give to World Vision’s emergency fund and crisis appeals, ensuring we can respond immediately to disasters and help save more children. Your donation will make sure that food, shelter, and household items are ready to be distributed to families forced from their homes by catastrophic crises.

Donating even a small amount could make a big difference

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Make a monthly donation to help children

If you want to help refugee and displaced children fleeing from conflict over the longer term, then find out more about monthly donations. You'll be supporting World Vision to help children survive, recover, and rebuild their lives after devastating events that will have changed their lives forever.

Children like Grace (not her real name), who experienced a living nightmare…and recovered. Grace was just 17 when a group of 15 armed men forced her and others – including younger children – out of their homes at midnight. “In less than a few minutes, we were outside, on the ground. The men sprayed bullets in the air… threatening to kill anyone who tried to escape or resist.” Discover her story.

When you make a monthly donation to World Vision, you will receive regular updates and the knowledge that you are helping children rebuild their lives.

Monthly sponsorship is a wonderful way of regularly supporting children. A monthly donation of £5 could provide a child with emergency food for two weeks. £14 could provide water purification kits for two families for two months. £28 could buy a new start kit for a refugee child.

Ugandan refugee child smiling and eating food
Three-year-old refugee, Rahim Sebit, is enjoying the nutritious food he received

Start fundraising

Another great way to support refugee children is by fundraising. You could choose to take part in our Global 6K Walk for Water or you can organise your own fundraising event, which could be as simple as a coffee morning or a sponsored run, cycle or whatever you want! We’ll support you every step of the way to make sure your fundraising activities go to plan.

Here are some more fundraising ideas: 

  • bake sale 
  • sponsored party 
  • book-athon  
  • talent contest 

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Three fundraisers walking in a park next to a pond, wearing orange World Vision t-shirts
World Vision supporters taking on the Global 6K Walk for Water fundraising challenge

Volunteer for World Vision

If you are unable to give money but still want to support refugee children, then volunteering some of your time is a wonderful way to help a cause you are passionate about. From helping at a stand, talking to visitors, or taking photos and videos, you can help make our presence at different events across the UK as fun as possible, and inspire new supporters to change the lives of children.

Pray for a child

As a Christian charity, we believe prayer is a powerful way to come together and serve the most vulnerable, and we would be so grateful if you could pray for the children, areas and projects we’re supporting. Discover Bible verses about prayer and sign up to hear more about our work and how you can pray for vulnerable children around the world.

Hopefully this article has given you a little inspiration and insight into some of the ways you can help refugee children across the globe.

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