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The top 10 fundraising tips you need to know

Check out our top 10 tips to inspire you as you raise money for World Vision.

1. Register your event with us 

Pick a challenge that’s right for you or tell us about the event that you are organising. Our Fundraising Officer will be happy to assist with material and ensure you have everything you need for a successful event. 

2. Tell people why their support matters.

Raising money for World Vision means you're making a huge difference to children and their communities. Tell your supporters how their donations will help.


3. Set a target.

Set a target that's ambitious but also realistic. This challenges your the people you reach out to, to dig deeper. If you need help setting a target you could take a look at Must Have Gifts and recent campaigns.


4. Get Creative.

Think about fun ways to boost your fundraising. Decide to host a games night or bake sale - these are great ways to gain those extra pennies for your fundraising. 


5. Get online!

Set up a page on a fundraising platform like JustGiving, so as many people as possible can donate with the click of a button. Make the page personal by using a photo of you, telling people why you’re doing it and why the cause matters to you.


6. Challenge others.

Encourage friends to fundraise with you, sharing your knowledge to boost their fundraising skills. If you’re doing a sporting challenge, you could get people to do it alongside you and double the network of friends and family that can be asked.


7. Connect your page to an app.

Fitness apps such as Fitbit and Strava app can now be connected to JustGiving pages. It’s a great way to track and share your progress people know just how much effort you're putting in.


8. Promote, promote, promote!

Tell loved ones about your fundraiser. Encourage them to support you and to share your fundraising page. You can use social media to get the message out - sharing photos and videos of your progress towards your challenge.


9. Send a reminder!

Your supporters may have forgotten to donate to your page so give them a gentle nudge reminding them to donate.


10.Say thanks!

Thank everyone for supporting you. Check our blog for some great stories to show what a difference the money is making to the world’s most vulnerable children. We’ll also send you a certificate  and thank you cards to send to your donors.

My 6K race experience turned into an epic adventure of personal growth, purpose, and camaraderie.


Global 6k runner

Most importantly, enjoy every minute of the fundraiser and know just how much every penny and pound means to children worldwide.

Through World Vision’s work, every 60 seconds a family gets water - and every 60 seconds a family receives the tools to overcome poverty. Thank you for making it possible. 

Want to find out more about fundraising for World Vision?

Together we’ve impacted the lives of over 200 million vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty. 

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