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Teenage boy with dog outside both wearing orange World Vision t-shirts
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Fundraising Pack

Everything you need to know - hints, tips, and inspiration

Get together, make a difference!

We want to help you make a difference. Take inspiration from our free fundraising pack and you can have fun with family and friends, whilst helping the most vulnerable children living in the most dangerous places.

Download the fundraising pack to find:

  • Inspiration for challenges and fundraising ideas
  • See how far the money you raise could go
  • Checklist to keep your fundraiser on track
  • Guidelines to running a great fundraiser
  • Hints and tips

“A chance to change lives and do something amazing. Best thing I have ever done!”

– Richard, Fundraiser 2018

You, your family and friends have the power to change lives. We’ll support you every step of the way to make sure your fundraising goes to plan.

If you need help, want to talk it over, get ideas or some advice, email or speak to our Supporter Care Team on 01908 84 10 10.