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A family with 2 children smiling with freshly baked biscuits

Feed families through fundraising

Food-raising with friends and family

Fundraise with food

Want to see a world where no child goes to bed hungry?

Join thousands of other wonderful supporters who make this possible.

Bake-sales, coffee and cake mornings, pot-lucks, breakfast get-togethers, bring-a-dish parties, cook-offs... You name it, there are loads of ways to have fun with others whilst raising money to feed children and end hunger.

Let's make this world a better place.

Join our online cook-along events

At World Vision we love partnering with chefs to show you how to cook authentic, warming meals from around the world. 

With World food day just around the corner keep your eyes open for our next event.

Any donations raised will help support some of the world's most vulnerable children. And if you're inspired by what you learn, you can host your very own cook-along fundraiser too!

Be the first to hear about events, other ways to get involved and how to help vulnerable children by signing up for World Vision updates.

How your fundraising support will fight hunger

Ready to hold your own fundraiser?

Why not hold a food-themed fundraiser? Whether it's a bake sale, a meal with friends or auctioning off your favourite family recipe, the money you raise will help make sure a hungry child is fed.

You can read our top fundraising tips or download a fundraising pack full of charity fundraising ideas.

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