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Girl in Colombia closes her eyes and clasps her hands in prayer

Together Amen

Join thousands as we embrace the power of prayer.

We believe in the power of prayer

70-years ago, Bob Pierce founded World Vision on a prayer because his heart was broken by the poverty he saw, and it is a prayer that we hold as a guiding light to this day. From prayers of lament to prayers of joy and thanksgiving, God continues to hear and respond to us, which is why we pray for those we serve and the wider world.

We know the importance of community and the power of prayer, especially during challenging times, so we invite you to join our Together Amen community and pray with us via our bi-monthly and Emergency prayer e-newsletters. Bringing you real stories, a biblical perspective on current events, and sharing prayers and practical actions when emergencies strike. Together as part of a global community, you can put your faith into action with us.

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You can contact our Church Team by calling us on 01908 84 10 10 or emailing and one of our team will be in touch in no time, or find out more about our work with churches, and activities you can join below: