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End violence against children

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Child protection is an essential part of every project and activity we run. Together with philanthropists, we focus on protecting young people today and empowering them for tomorrow. We strengthen the environment children are in, as well as children themselves, helping to protect them from abuse, neglect and exploitation. To address the root causes of violence against girls and boys we work at all levels, empowering communities to collectively create a protective environment that cares for and supports all children, especially the most vulnerable.

Together, let's empower communities to build a safety net of loving people to protect children, prevent harm, and ensure that those who are harmed receive the help they need to recover.

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You can help protect children against violence

We aim to protect 821,000 children through our Ending Violence Against Children programmes, and invite you to be part of this important work.

Nahomy's story

Thirteen-year-old Nahomy is the youth mayor in her local area in Honduras and already a child rights advocate and community organiser. She has taken part in many World Vision trainings on child protection and preventing violence in communities.

Nahomy's past gives her empathy for the social and spiritual needs of children. She lived with her grandparents for six years after her father migrated for work. He's back now, but she knows what it feels like to miss him and need more support.

A sponsored child from Honduras reads her book outside

She faces difficult subjects head on, campaigning against early marriage and teen pregnancy.

When children drop out of school, Nahomy goes with the municipal child protection officer to talk to their parents and help them find solutions.

Supporting a child like Nahomy doesn’t only transform her life, but empowers her to transform many more.

Nahomy, 13, Honduras
I want to be a doctor and start the first clinic in my community, La Puerta.

Nahomy, 13, Honduras

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Julia Carr
World Vision gives me assurance that the money I donate will be used with principles high on my agenda.

Julia Carr

Supporter since 2009

We seek to help the most vulnerable children in the world. In 2020, 47% of our work was focused in places where development is low, like Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

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