Two women and two children smile and hold out garments, standing next to a sewing machine in South Sudan

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Together, we can teach farmers the skills to overcome poverty, support people to diversify crops for resilience and empower families to earn an income.

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Justine's story

In one of the remote villages in Eastern Zambia, 12-year-old Justine loves to spend time with his grandmother Cecilia as they herd the family goats when he is not studying.

Before Cecilia received goats, World Vision trained her together with other families on how to care for the goats. “We were taught on how to keep the goats clean and how to make a goat pen off the ground so that they can be healthy and clean,” she says.

A sponsored child in Zambia holds a goat and smiles into the camera, standing outside in front of a house
Support children like Justine and his grandmother to build self-sufficiency

Within a space of two months, Cecilia’s goats started to multiply meaning it was time for her to pass on the goats to another family.

“From the lessons I got from World Vision, my goats started to multiply in numbers. I was very happy because I knew that it was the end of poverty for my family because from them I would earn an income by selling and providing for my children and grandchildren,” says Cecilia.

Justine has hope for his future. He plans to become a medical doctor, and will work hard at school so as to have a bright future.

World Vision has given us hope where we had little. World Vision came in and made it possible for us to have more.


Justine's grandmother, Zambia

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We seek to help the most vulnerable children in the world. In 2020, 47% of our work was focused in places where development is low, like Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

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