Two women in DRC walk along a blue-painted corridor, carrying a baby each and smiling

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Every day, children are dying from preventable causes like malnutrition and dirty water. We work with whole communities to bring lifesaving healthcare, clean water, nutritious food, quality education, and the means for families to earn a sustainable income.

With your support, we can vaccinate children from preventable diseases, give children a quality education and prevent children dying from malnutrition. You can make sure every child we meet has a childhood – and a future – that’s safe, healthy, thriving and full of potential.

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Through Survive and Thrive programmes, we aim to ensure that 2,322,000 children have a childhood and a future, and invite you to be part of this important work.

Magreth's story

Magreth, 11, is a student in a school in Tanzania.

She, among many other children, relied on the local river for water.

They shared the river with cows and goats. The water was contaminated with diseases.

Things are different now in Magreth's village.

A sponsored child wearing a school uniform leans to wash her hands in clean water, outside at her school in Tanzania
Now, Magreth, 11, can attend school safely and happily.

World Vision helped to drill a borehole in the village - which means no more waterborne diseases, no more digging river streams to fetch unclean water in dry seasons or walking the long distance to collect water.

The villagers and teachers at her school are grateful for the transformation this has brought about. Richard, a teacher from the school says, “With accessibility to clean water students are now focusing more on their studies. And the rate of [children] diagnosed with waterborne diseases has gone down compared to before. With water in our school we are now growing vegetable gardens to ensure our students have essential nutrients”.

Magreth and other children at the village now access safe, clean water.

Magreth, 11, from Tanzania
Now with the presence of modern latrines and hand washing facilities I feel safe at my school

Magreth, 11, from Tanzania

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We seek to help the most vulnerable children in the world. In 2020, 47% of our work was focused in places where development is low, like Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

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