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Woman smiles as she looks at picture of the child she sponsors

Our supporters

The people who transform vulnerable children's lives

Transforming children's lives

Across almost 100 countries, our impassioned community of supporters, volunteers and community leaders work together to support the world's most vulnerable children and their communities. Millions of children are safer and happier because of the generosity, care and dedication of people like you.

We are a broad community of people, united by our desire to transform children's lives of the world's most vulnerable children.

What our supporters say

The power of giving

Renee describes supporting Maureen from Kenya as the best decision she's every made. She's experienced a true transformation, not just in Maureen's life, but in her own. 

“It’s amazing! It’s changed my life in so many ways. It’s helped me to be a better person and be able to give and have someone be part of my family – I have a true sister in another country who gives me so much in ways she doesn’t even know about,” says Renee.

Child sponsor, Renee, proudly shows a photo of her sponsored child Maureen, on her phone
Child sponsor, Renee, proudly shows a photo of her sponsored child Maureen, on her phone

“I can see her smile has changed from her first photo – she had just a little smile then. In her next photo, her smile was a little brighter. I can see her changing from maybe being a little bit shy to being a bit more outgoing. She’s telling me more in her letters too, so I can see her changing from the inside, out.

“She’s going to school for the first time this year, so that’s really exciting. I got a photo of her in her school dress looking so excited. The health of the community is in good condition despite Covid. I know that World Vision is – we are – really working hard to do more, be more and give more to the community."

How supporters are changing lives

We're called to go where we are needed most, to some of the world's harshest places. We partner with communities and local leaders to ensure children are protected from harm and families are empowered to overcome poverty. Thanks to our generous supporters, we're responding to peoples' urgent needs when tragedy strikes, and staying for up to 15 years to ensure families are self-sufficient, so progress can be maintained after we leave.

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Supporters' legacy of lives transformed

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