World Vision's emergency work

Damage from Hurricane Matthew in southern Haiti, 2016

Hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean on 30th August 2017, destroying everything in its path. It was one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record.

World Vision is on the ground in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where wind damage, landslides and severe flooding are all a major concern. We are helping to rebuild the lives of those directly affected by the hurricane.



How your money can help

  • £54 can provide a mother with an essential baby kit
  • £120 could pay for a shelter kit which contains a range of items designed to help families who have lost their homes and belongings
  • £350 could help us to set up a child friendly space, giving children a safe place to go where they can be cared for and protected



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Wednesday 03, Oct, 2018

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World Vision Launches Myanmar Refugee Appeal

Friday 29, Sep, 2017

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Hurricane Irma: Thousands of Haitians still in shelters

Wednesday 13, Sep, 2017

Over 3,000 people in Haiti are still in shelters according to World Vision emergency response teams.